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It has been two years since I said, “I can do it myself”. Our home is a ranch style and didn’t seem like it would have much climbing. Retirees have a lot of time, and anyway, help was available [if needed] from family members. After giving it a try, and looking at the [still unfinished] highest peak of our house, help was near. Claudio's crew was finishing a home next to ours. The quality of their work was on display. The CFG Painting sign was out in front, so I gave Claudio a call. From our first meeting I was impressed with Claudio’s professional manner. While Claudio was measuring and estimating the cost, he handed me a book full of information about [himself] and CFG. Before Claudio completed the estimate I was sold. We are very pleased by the work of his crew. They washed, calked, and scraped where necessary. There was no mess and no fuss. In our case, we bought the paint because we wanted it to match the paint we had used on the do-it-yourself part of the house. Claudio estimated the quantity of paint we would need to finish the job. We had one quart left over. We are 100 percent satisfied.

Mark Deed- Woodstock, GA

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